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What if... You could see your finished site before you started?


A provider to primarily the construction industry and more specifically grading contractors, Terrain Tech is the premier provider of 3D modeling (Digital Terrain Model) and data preparation for GPS/RTK Grade Control Systems.

Many contractors have invested heavily in GPS-grade control systems only to be disappointed in the results. You may have tried to develop Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) in-house only to find the software or the process extremely complicated. You may have tried outside firms for modeling, only to discover that they do not have the construction perspective to spot plan errors and give you data that you can actually use. Terrain Technology Inc. is the solution to your problems.

Plus we have been building digital models for the past decade. Our practical experience means that we have the ability to:

  • Spot mistakes in plans and suggest economical solutions
  • Redesign the job as needed to correct plan view errors
  • Respond quickly with rough-grade models so you stop waiting
  • Create accurate survey-grade models that reduce your staking requirements
  • Plus, we guarantee the quality of our work!
Please contact us to get the most out of your investment in GPS.
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