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Our Credentials

Terrain Technology, Inc. is owned and operated by Ashton Cary who has over 30 years of experience in virtually all areas of construction. Cary has worked on Interstate highways, State highways, industrial development, residential development, commercial development, ACOE dam construction, and much more.

All DTM's are constructed using traditional surveying standards and techniques.

Cary has been working with GPS / RTK technology since its inception. Prior to that he was building models for the purpose of providing more accurate earthwork analysis and better site visualization.

Cary performs all final inspection of data and prepares most projects himself. Having worked for contractors for the last 30 plus years, he knows how to handle impossible demands and deadlines. Most recently Cary prepared the surface data for the CONRAC facility at Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport for the site work contracting firm Ronny D. Jones Enterprises, Inc.

References and samples of our work can be provided upon request.

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2993 Heavenly Lane - Snellville, GA 30078