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Ashton Cary

Ashton Cary is a native of Georgia, born in LaGrange, GA. His first construction experience came with the West Point Dam and Reservoir project in the early 70’s. Hired out of high school by a local construction company engaged in the dam project Cary ran the soils lab for the quality control requirements. In addition to heading the laboratory he worked from time to time on the survey crew. During his college years Cary continued to work in construction during summers and semesters off. He was a superintendent for commercial and highway work during that period. After college Cary became involved in Surveying, mostly construction related and worked his way up to Party Chief in a very short time. Eventually with his experience he found himself back in the construction industry where he has worked as estimator, general superintendent, project manager, and head of surveying. During the last 10 years he has been involved with site modeling for the purpose of generating better earthwork quantities. About 5 years ago the company he was employed with purchased a GPS system for which he was responsible for. This was a perfect fit for his background. For the last 5 years Cary has been working with contractors directly in the model building / data prep / data analysis realm of construction. “This is the biggest improvement in our industry that I have ever witnessed”, says Cary. “The capability now exists to build a perfect job with no mistakes whatsoever; and the real beauty is that you now know in advance that the job will be perfect. You can see it on a computer screen; virtual construction.”

After the company that Cary was working for decided to close their doors so that the owners could voluntarily retire, Cary decided that the time was right to start his own business which is Terrain Technology, Inc.

Ashton Cary, lives in Snellville, GA. with his wife of 21 years and is the proud father of two boys, age 16 and 19. The oldest is in college now and the younger in high school. Cary’s wife is very active in the local area and charitable organizations. He enjoys playing golf, fishing, playing his guitar and watching his son play guitar.

Ashton Cary is truly one of the best around when it comes to surveying and data prep / modeling for GPS systems; and this is surveying, plain and simple. There is no question that his experience in construction over the last 30 plus years has given him a skill set that few have in this industry.

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